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Multi-Family flooring contractor needed for carpet and vinyl flooring

6300 E Hampden Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80222

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276 Units

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Scope of WorkThe Contractor is responsible for the following  Mobilization  The work includes mobilization of trucks storage trailers office trailer and basic tools required for the completion of this scope of work  If long term onsite storage or parking is required this contractor will work with the superintendent for accommodations  All costs associated with rented equipment will be disclosed on the Notice of Disclosure Form  Material Handling  The contractor is required to provide and coordinate delivery of all flooring material required for the performance of its work  Material will not be stored or stockpiled in the apartment units or clubhouse until it is ready for tempering and installation  Material and equipment  It is Windsors intention to use Shaw Builders Flooring line wherever possibleThe contractor will provide material and the labor for unloading trucks and trailers and stocking of the material in the building units  The material includes all finished flooring and flooring related accessories    Installation and execution    The contractor will provide all material and labor required for the flooring scope of work  Including all work required in all apartment units Shoe molding or base molding may be required Floor prep should be included in this scope as an ordinary part of the work  The work includes the installation of all LVPLVT or vinyl sheet goods in the units The work includes all removal and haul-away  The work includes all transitions Cleaning  The work includes picking up materials and scrap and general debris in the work area daily  If the work area is not cleaned it will be cleaned at the contractors expense  The work includes cleaning all finished floors of large debris  The work includes the final cleaning of all newly installer floor areas  Protection of work  Special care is given to finish flooring  The contractor is required to protect all flooring Winter Protection  Care is to be taken for proper application of flooring during cold weather ensuring that units are heated and the flooring material is acclimated to the climate for installation   Closeout No work is considered complete until accepted by the appropriate on-site staff

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