Ridgewood by Windsor

Courtyard Pool Project

4211 Ridge Top Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030


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292 Units

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Item  1  Site Demo- Remove existing pavers- Remove existing sand bed under pavers- Remove existing sand joints as shown on plans- Remove 3-4 of existing structural soils as shown on plans- Remove Grill StationItem  2  Outdoor Kitchen- Install 2 Stainless steel 30NBL American Outdoor Gas grills and 2 stainless steel accessdoors- Install granite countertop- Install 2 timers for grills- Granite countertop will be 36 wide and 24 granite on each side of grill- Install concrete slab as footer to support grill- Use 3500psi concrete with wire mesh- Building 2 grill sections per HDG spec sheet Dated 31020- Tie in existing gas line to new fire pitItem  3  Cap off Water Line- Cap off 1 water line connected to outdoor sink area- Due to unforeseen conditions a cost allowance will be provided for the repairsItem  4  Remove Footers- Remove Grill footers and Pergola footers- Back fill using 57 stone 2-3- Due to unforeseen conditions a cost allowance will be providedItem  5  Lighting- Install Path Lighting  Change spec to WAC Balance Path Light QTY 35- Install Add Tree lighting  WAC 5111-30BK Mini Accent Light QTY 5- Install Grill Lighting  WAC Chamber Post Mount Qty 4 2 for each grill station- Install 3 transformer with photo cellDESCRIPTION QTY AMOUNT- Install wire for all lightsItem  6  Pavers- Install 4 concrete slab for all new paver base areas- Install 60lbs bags of 3500 psi concrete- Newline York Tile in Mountain Ridge or Palmetto color- Install estimated 1864SF- Install all new pavers on concrete slab and mortar all boarder pavers- Insatll  – stone dust setting bed on top of concrete slab for pavers- Install polymetic stabilizing sand in all jointsItem  7  Landscape Repairs- Due to construction there will be damage to turf area mulch beds and plants- All turf areas mulch beds and plant material will be repairedItem  8  Patio Drainage- Install 2 additional drains in large patio area to allow water to drain correctly- Install 2 NDS drain boxes- Install galvanized drain tops- Replace old drain boxes with new NDS boxes to match- Use PVC piping and connect to existing out flow piping

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