Windsor Turtle Creek

Exterior Facade Repairs and Repainting

3663 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, Texas 75219

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207 Units

Opportunity Details

Work includes the following activities Unless noted otherwise these items apply to all facadesor applicable locations around the building1 Removal and replacement of 6th-floor balcony doors thresholds and surrounding trimBase bid 6 balcony doors Ref Balcony Repair Drawings by RABMRE TYP 1 by WJE2 New overhead canopies at 6th-floor balconies Base bid 6 canopies Ref Balcony RepairDrawings by RABMRE TYP 1 by WJE3 Reattach or replace isolated fiber cement siding and trim where loose warped damagedor missing Extent of loose siding is unknown and would need to be identified while accessis provided to facades Ref TYP 2 by WJE4 Remove and replace all sealant joints around and within fiber cement siding and trim RefTYP 2 by WJE5 Remove all wood trim and replace with fiber cement siding trim adjacent to Wood Tonesiding Ref TYP 3 through TYP 5 by WJE6 Install closure below base of wall to cover exposed framing on east facade Ref TYP 6 byWJE7 Prep and repaint exterior surfaces as outlined within the paint specification8 Remove and replace failed or deteriorated sealants at dissimilar materials within brickmasonry stucco and EIFS claddings window perimeters cladding transitions metalflashings dryer vents etc Extent of sealant replacement is unknown and would need tobe identified while access is provided to facades Ref TYP 7 and TYP 8 by WJE9 Repair isolated damageddistressed EIFS claddings and accents Ref TYP 9 by WJEThe following alternate Work activities will be performed at discretion of Owner1 Alternate A1 Removal and replacement of nine additional 6th floor balcony doors2 Alternate A2 Installation of nine additional 6th floor canopies

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