Centric LoHi by Windsor

Courtyard Waterproofing

2525 18th St
Denver, Colorado 80211


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302 Units

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Temporarily remove concrete topping soil river rock plantings and salvage except for topping at two locations Remove and discard waterproofing down to structural slab Clean drain bodies and concrete surface Install new reinforced hot fluid- applied waterproofing 215 mils total inclusive of surface preparation of existing concrete substrate and tie-in at perimeter to existing waterproofing and drain body Reinstall overburden and plantings Install a new 4-thick reinforced topping slab to match existing Install new expansion joint system at structural concrete slab Temporarily remove existing brick masonry at exterior wall indicated on drawings Install new expansion joint at back-up structure and new sealant joint and backer rod at brick masonry Reinstall masonry to match existing

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